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Dimapur Mission School conducts Spiritual revival

Dimapur Mission School conducts Spiritual revival

Dimapur Mission School conducts Spiritual revival

Dimapur, August 24 : In order to reinforce  the academic needs of the students spiritually, the Dimapur Mission Higher Secondary School conducted two day Spiritual revival program on 23rd and 24th August, 2019 at Town Fellowship Church building of Dimapur Ao Baptist Arogo (DFABA) with Mr. Bendang Jamir from the Repairers of the Breach (TROTB) Ministry Dimapur as speaker and friends from Sinai ministry led the Praise and Worship hour.

The Speaker dwelled upon the importance of developing a cordial relationship between parents and children. He stressed that sadly in our society today, there are many parents who are found to be accusing and abusive and not sensitive to the needs of their own children that made children aggressive and insecure. Nevertheless, he encouraged the students to accept their parents just as they are, pray for them, love and forgive them and initiate to bring about a positive change in their respective homes.

The Speaker also emphasized the spiritual and moral needs to accept correction and love knowledge in ones own life . He reminded the students about the biblical wisdom that he who hates correction is stupid but whoever accept correction and apply it gains knowledge and understanding. The students were blessed with spiritual message and went back home with renewed mind to initiate change right beginning from their homes.

The DMHSS is run by the Dimapur Ao Baptist Church and just concluded Spiritual revival program is an annual event of the school that brought positive changes in lives of the school students.

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