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Admission & Enrolment


1.1.      Enrolment Policy

  • For Class A, child must be four years of age by January 1.
  • Application for enrolment is open to all families who desire Christ – centered instruction for their children. Admission will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Note* – DMHSS makes no discrimination in admission or determination of enrolment on the basis of race, sex, colour, religion or national origin.

1.2.      Enrolment and Withdrawal Policy

  • The school should be notified two weeks in advance if it becomes necessary to withdraw a child from the school after school started.
  • Students will be accepted for the current year during admission time notified by the school office annually.
  • DMHSS reserves the right to remove a child from the school upon the recommendation of the teacher and the Board, should the child be considered a detriment to other children.

1.3       Enrolment Verification

Unless otherwise notified form the school administrator’s office, all enrolled are expected to attend their respective classes from the first day of the commencement of school. A grace period of three days maybe extended in case of genuine unavoidable circumstances beyond control of parents / guardians and the student concerned. Beyond this period, the school authority has the right to refuse admittance into class, unless there is strong medical ground to do so after verification by the school authority.